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4-Button Key Fob


When entering your home, you'll need to disarm the alarm system. Our remote key fob adds convenience by allowing you to arm and disarm the system from outside your home.
So when you arive home with a stack of bags from the grocery store, you can simply disarm the system using our key fob.
It also has a Panic button that will set off the alarm if you are in danger.


  • Remote control for the Alarm System
  • 4 Buttons programmed for Off, Stay, Away, Police Panic.
  • Range: Approximately 100 feet from control panel.
  • Dimensions:2.25"H 1.25"W 0.5"D
  • Convenient way to Arm & Disarm your Alarm System.
  • Away Button = All Alarm Detectors are on (Armed)
  • Stay Button = All Perimeter Detectors are on, with All Interior Detectors Off (Motions and Inside Door traps)

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