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Motion Detector


You may wish to detect the motion of someone moving around inside your home.
Often motion detectors are used as 'Traps', setup in a closed room that an intruder would enter, such as your Master Bedroom.
A Motion detector can add a second layer of protection for your home as well as peace of mind.


90 Angle of Vision (Designed for Corner Mount)
35ft Range of Vision.
Mount 7' to 7.5' high in a corner.
Includes Fully Supervised Replaceable Battery.
Estimated Battery life is 3 to 5 years.
Dimensions: 3.375in.H x 2.375in.W x 1.5in.D
Peel & Stick the Motion Detector in a corner with no funiture so that pets cannot get within 6 feet of the detector.

Additional Information

A Pet 50 pounds or less should not be a problem at 6 feet, yet a 40 pound child will be detected.