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Bill and Angela bought a new house and decided to install a security system to protect their new investment. Bill is a fireman so he works a lot of nights leaving Angela home alone a lot. This was another reason why they wanted to get an alarm.
We installed a system and went through the keypad features with both Bill and Angela and trained them on the different ways to use the system. We demonstrated how to arm and disarm the system in the Stay and Away modes, how to bypass zones, how to use the keypad panics and how to use the Duress code if someone followed Angela home and forced her into the house.

About a month after the install Angela had the afternoon off work and was home in the kitchen. As she worked she thought she saw something move in the back yard. She looked up and there was a man approaching her french doors. He grabbed the handles and started trying to force open the french doors.
Angela flew to the keypad, hit the Police Panic Button, the Siren went off and the intruder ran off jumping over fences and hedges through the neighborhood. The Police were dispatched and the dispatch was also heard by Bill at the fire station. Bill recognized his address and he and other fire fighters took off to his home. The fire fighters and police caught the intruder about 5 blocks away.

YES! Score one for the good guys. Who knows how this would have turned out if they didn't have a security system or if Angela didn't know how to use it in an emergency.

Please, if you have a security system...USE IT... and if you have questions on how to use it please call your alarm company and get the answers. If your system is old and needs to be updated you will be surprised at how inexpensive it is to get a new system installed.

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