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Criminals don't just break into your homes and businesses!

...Burglars do that.
There is a new type of criminal and you are their target. Burglars steal your belongings and valuables from your home or vehicle, these new criminals steal your Identity! It only takes a few seconds to commit this crime, but it can take months, even years to clean up your Credit Score or recover the monies stolen from your accounts.

Once a criminal steals your purse, your briefcase, computer, laptop and with their increased use, your computing tablet, the door is wide open for them to steal your identity.

Many times, after a home is robbed, the criminal uses the information stolen to steal the identity of the home owner or tenant. So securing your home is a vital part in your identity security.

What can you do to prevent this happening to your and your family?

First: Don't make it easy! Secure your computers at home with the appropriate software, make sure your system passwords are not given out, if they are, then consider changing them... quickly!
Of course, you have an alarm system!

Secondly: Consider your vulnerability when out of the home in your vehicle. Don't leave cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. in plain sight, they are not hidden just because your vehicle doors are closed.

Make sure an opportunistic criminal cannot open the door (or lean through an open window) of your vehicle.

If you know you are going to leave your vehicle parked where it could be at risk, then put your 'stuff' out of sight before you arrive, as you leave your home or office.

Be especially aware that if you drive an SUV or Minivan, then your vision of the passenger side of the vehicle is restricted, and criminals know that! So it's easier for them to sneak up to your vehicle. How many stories have you heard about a pocket book being stolen while someone was filling their vehicle at a gas station? Too often, someone will leave their auto doors unlocked and, in just a few distracted seconds, a criminal will just open the door, pickup anything found and walk away.. or over to their car at the adjacent pump!

It can take months, even years to correct your credit when this type of crime occurs. So take steps to prevent the crime before it ruins your day!

Remember: Forewarned is Forarmed.


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