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It's spring break, kids are home from college, family routines are all mixed up, the alarm sounds, is it a break in?
This scenario happens every year around Spring Break. Kids forget the alarm is turned on, or they burn the waffles in the toaster. And we get calls the next day, "How do we fix this?"

It's a good idea to have a routine of reminding guests that the alarm system is on and that if they let the dog out it's going to sound the alarm. Setup a secondary password for your guests so that if the system does go off, then they can avert having a police dispatch by giving the right password when the monitoring center calls.
It's easy to change or remove the secondary password, just call our office and we can edit it in a few minutes.
So, when the kids come home from college, take a few minutes to bring them up to date with the info that means your alarm system will be keeping an eye on your home and not be a source of annoyance.
'Hey Kids, don't forget the new password if the alarm goes off'


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