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You hear about burglaries and home invasions all the time on the news channels. It's no wonder many latchkey kids ask their parents to enroll them into after school programs or go to their friend's houses. They don't want to be left alone at home. Now you can rely on a security alarm systems contractor in Margate, FL to help you make your home more safe and secure. ACT Security is a full service security systems contractor in Margate, FL. This company is well-recognized and has many years of experience in providing homes and businesses with security systems. All of their employees are Burglar Alarm Systems Agent (BASA) and Fire Alarm Systems Agent (FASA) certified. ACT Security can provide you with wireless monitoring service and surveillance cameras. No phone line is required.
The security and surveillance cameras provided by ACT Security in Margate are quality cameras that can fit your needs. They can be installed in indoor areas or outdoor areas. Their cameras start with 700 TVL resolution and go up into the mega pixel range. They can be either stationary or pan, tilt and zoom cameras. ACT Security's surveillance systems come with video recording devices like DVR's and NVR's. One of their best features is their remote viewing options. You can get a live view of your cameras over the internet. ACT Security has free viewer apps for both Android and iPhones. You may view your surveillance cameras on your Smart Phone and Tablet devices as well, or you can view them remotely on your PC. ACT Security wants their customers to view their home or business cameras no matter where they are.

ACT Security believes their customers can open their doors with peace of mind, because ACT Security will always be there when they're not. That goes the same for their children. When you have one of ACT Security's technicians come to your home or business to install surveillance cameras, you are making your property safer and more protected. The surveillance cameras will help your family feel more secure and comfortable at home. You are taking control of your safety. If there ever is a burglar or predator who tries to enter into your home or business, you will have security cameras that will help the police find them.
ACT Security also has available home alarm systems that you can purchase. The alarms will go off if there is an intruder in your home or business. To order surveillance cameras or a home alarm system, call ACT Security today at (954) 954-7070 or visit
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