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Knowing that they have an alarm system, to alert if their home is broken into, or if there is a fire in the house, makes the home owner feel good

Perhaps we should sell 'Feel Good Boxes' a bit like Mood Stones.

But the alarm system does not always make the home owner 'Feel Good', this is not good!

How does an alarm system make them feel bad? There's a list of things: It makes noises when it shouldn't. It calls a false alarm into the Monitoring center, typically when the home owner makes a mistake and hits the wrong buttons trying to disarm the system.

When do most false alarms occur? When the home owner gets home. So most False Alarms occur between 5pm and 8pm as people get home from work.

You know, attitude is everything! If we sold 'Feel Good Boxes' but explained that part of the Feel Good process involved the Box letting you know when it was having job issues! Such as when the Battery can't keep the box powered for long if the power goes out.

The Box is smart enough to let the home owner know.. "Hey! My Battery is getting low, and I want to keep the 'Feel Good' thing going!"
So when the Battery low signal shows up on your system, take a positive attitude about it, you do want the Feel Good Box to keep doing it's job... Right?


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