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If you worked in a hospital, you would meet a lot of sick people, so no big surprise, we meet a lot of people that worry about their home security, and we learn about a lot of people that have been ripped off.

Just a short time ago, we received a call from someone that was not happy with their existing alarm company. Let me describe the situation, I would really appreciate your comments.

Jill rented her home and had previously been broken into and wanted a new alarm system for the house she was renting. So, two and a half years ago, one of the top alarm companies charged over $5,000 for the system on a 3 year contract. Now the system was pretty good, not a run of the mill system, it certainly had all of the features that Jill wanted to secure her home. However, it was pretty expensive! We would have expected the system to be around half that price up front.

When Jill needed to move to a new home, she called the company asking to have the system moved. It was a wireless system, so no need to pull cables or install new cables at the new apartment, this is a pretty straight forward job. This should take just a few hours to do the move and test everything to make sure it's working in the new house.

What would you do?

It took multiple phone calls to Jill's alarm company before she could reach a human and then they told her that they could do the move 'next month'! What!

Understandably, Jill was a little 'upset', NO KIDDING!

Ever have that problem, you know, the one where you have to press 1 thru 10 in a multi-layered voice menu and then have to leave a message? Would you stand for that?

I'm curious! Have you been ripped off by your home alarm company? Have you ever been lost in voice menu nightmare?


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