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ACT Security is a full service, licensed security alarm contractor. It is a division of Access Code Technology, Inc., a Florida Corporation. ACT Security in Margate, FL is an authorized dealer for Monitronics, the second largest residential security company in the nation.

The technicians of ACT Security believe that whether you rent or own a home, you deserve to have protection. The new Honeywell Lynx Wireless System gives you professional, top-of-the-line security that leaves the other security systems in the dust. Here are a few reasons why this is true.

  • When regular alarm systems are triggered, they call for help using your telephone land line. All the burglars need to do is cut the lines on the outside of your house and the system can no longer call for help. Our Honeywell Lynx Touch system calls using cellular technology, so that no land line is needed or used. There are no wires for the burglars to cut.
  • When regular alarm systems are triggered, they call the central station. The central station then logs the call and the next available monitoring person calls back the home to verify the alarm. When your Lynx Touch calls the Central station, you're immediately connected to a monitoring person through a built-in two-way voice speaker phone. If this is an actual break-in, the monitoring person is now recording it.
  • With regular alarm systems, you have to be home to turn them on or off. With your Lynx Touch, you can turn the system on or off at any time using your smart phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Regular alarms only report in when the siren starts. Your Lynx Touch reports every time a protected door or window is opened or closed and it can be set to notify you by email or text.
  • Regular alarm systems usually have a 30-45 second delay on the front door so that you can come in and disarm the system before the siren starts. That also means that the burglar has 30-45 seconds to find and destroy your alarm panel before it can call. Your Lynx Touch calls in immediately when the front door is open. We know you have 30 seconds to turn it off. If we don't get a disarm or siren signal in just 30 seconds, we dispatch the police and notify you. The burglars cannot defeat it.
  • In today's world, many families have 'latchkey children' that arrive home from school hours before their parents. During summer vacation, they may be home alone all day. Regular alarm systems are off and cannot report anything while your kids are home. Your Lynx Touch can keep you informed with detectors on your medicine chest, liquor cabinet, gun closet, jewelry box, safe, master bedroom, and other areas. It will send you an email or a text message any time these areas are violated.

ACT Security has the product knowledge, experience and a common sense approach when it comes to the security of your home and family. Our staff will provide you with an alarm system that will meet your security needs and keep it at an affordable price. We want all of our customers to open their doors with peace of mind because we're there (at home) when you're not. Our residential security systems are the best in Margate and South Florida. ACT Security is located on 2000 Banks Road Suite 223, Margate, FL 33063.

If you need more information on home automation and home security services, call ACT Security in Margate at (954) 956-7070 or visit us at


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