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Over the years, we have heard many stories from our customers and prospective customers regarding their use of the alarm system. When we get the chance, we try to ensure that our customers are practicing good habits with respect to using their alarm system.
Here are several good habits for using your alarm system.

  • Use it
    It might sound crazy, but there are customers that get an alarm system purely for the purpose of getting a discount on their home owners insurance. But if you don't use the alarm system, the insurance company may have issues with paying out a claim that would have been reduced if the home owner had used their alarm system.
  • Use it when you leave the home empty.
    Scaring off potential home burglaries is your first line of defence, so use the system when the home is empty.
  • Use the system when you are home.
    Most residential burglaries occur during the daytime, they think you are at work. So protect yourself by using the alarm system in the stay mode when you are home.

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