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National Crime Information

Who are the Burglars? You might be surprised who they are, why they commit the crimes and what types of crimes they commit.

This is information we have gleaned from the web and during conversations with local law enforcement officers.

  1. Who are the burglars?
    • 54% are under 17 years old
    • 71% are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol
    • 22% are hardened career criminals
    • 0.4% (4 out of 1000) are high end true professionals
  2. What happens because of residential burglars?
    • 70% of victims sell their home and move if they can
    • 13% occur while someone is home, one third of these ends with assault, more than half the assaults include rape
    • 20,000 people are killed each year in the U.S. by burglars
  3. When do burglaries occur?
    • 89% of commercial break-ins happen at night
    • 79% of residential break-ins happen during the day
    • 17% of residential break-ins happen at night when home is vacant
    • 04% of residential break-ins happen at night while you sleep.
  4. Where do burglars go in the home?
    • Burglars go through the entire house in the first 30 seconds looking for anyone in the home and for all the ways to escape if needed.
    • They target the master Bedroom for jewelry, cash, guns & lingerie
    • The living and sleeping areas for electronics
      Kitchen cabinets for schedule 3 pain killers, Valium and tranquilizers
  5. How do they break in?
    • 67% come through a door
      32% come through a window
    • 01% make their own entrance
    • 74% come through the back or secluded side
    • 25% come through the front door
    • 40% come through unlocked doors or windows
    • 39% cut the phone and/or cable lines first


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