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We routinely explain to our customers about the benefits of having a Monitored Smoke Detector and we remark about how most insurance companies will provide a home owners insurance discount when a Monitored Smoke alarm is part of the alarm system... But Why do they offer the discount?

Some Stats from the Fema Website:
National estimates for residential building fires in 2011, the most recent year data are available, are:

  • Fires: 364,500.
  • Deaths: 2,450.
  • Injuries: 13,900.
  • Dollar Loss: $6,651,400,000.
Overall trends for residential building fires for the five-year period of 2007 to 2011 show:
  • A 7 percent decrease in fires.
  • An 11 percent decrease in deaths.
  • A 3 percent increase in injuries.
  • An 18 percent decrease in dollar loss. (Note: This overall constant dollar-loss trend takes inflation into account by adjusting each year's dollar loss to its equivalent 2011 value.)

18% - that is significant - $8,111,463,414
That's an $8 BILLION saving to the Insurance Companies
So now you know why Insurance Companies want you to install a Monitored Smoke Detector - And why they offer a discount if you do!

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