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Can I replace the Alarm System Battery?


Replacing the Alarm System Battery is not rocket science, and you may be able to do it yourself, however, before beginning the system battery replacement process, be sure the battery needs to be replaced!

It could be that if your home has experienced a recent power outage, the battery may simply need time to recharge.

In the meantime, low battery trouble beeps can be silenced by pushing OFF on most systems.

If your Alarm system battery has been charging for 48 hours and is still showing a low battery alert, it is time to replace it.

An Alarm System Battery should last in excess of 3 years.

Many Alarm Systems have a tamper switch to alert when the panel is opened, you would need to clear that after replacing the battery.

Call us to find out the best local source of Alarm System Batteries, we can replace them, but it is often cheaper to do it yourself. Call us for advice.

There are several modern alarm system panels that do not use the old 12v block battery and require batteries manufactured by the alarm panel maker. Again, just call and we can advise.

Like all electrical devices, do not attempt this if you are not familiar with the type of unit installed.


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