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I have heard about 'Crash & Smash' protection. What is it? Does it work?


Traditional Alarm systems only call the monitoring center if the Alarm Sounds. So if the burglar is able to defeat the Alarm System before it reports the intrusion, then the Monitoring center never gets the alarm and does not know that there is a need to dispatch the police.
Modern Alarm System can have a feature called Advanced Protection Logic (APL). With this service, the intrusion is reported within a few seconds, certainly plenty of time before the intruder could disable the alarm panel. So the alarm service receives the report that a door opened while the system was armed, at this time, the alarm service system counts down a preset time, typically about 30 seconds. If the disarm signal is not received, then the alarm service sends the monitoring center an intrusion alert and they start the calls and dispatch service.
The outcome of this is that even if the alarm system is disabled, it will have already sent the signal that will result in a dispatch routine.
Some companies refer to this feature as 'Crash & Smash Protection' But it does not prevent Crashes, nor does it prevent Smashes, but it does protect against an intruder disabling the alarm system after break in.
Because the system relies upon Cellular Communication, the System cannot be disabled by cutting the telephone line.
So APL is a great feature available with modern alarm systems.


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