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Do I have to have a 3 year Alarm Monitoring Contract?


No! But think about it!
An Alarm system may need to be serviced, how much will that cost without a service contract.

There is not a company out there that will provide you with an alarm system that is free and has monitoring for free.

Somehow, the Cost of the System, the Service Contract, and the Monitoring have to be paid for. Just like when you purchase a car, you have to sign a contract if you want to spread the cost out over a period.

So the benefits of an Alarm System Contract are typically: You do not have to pay for the installation, setup, testing and equipment up front. Most likely the Contract will have a service agreement to keep the cost down if something happens to the system. And the Monitoring company is accepting a liability for monitoring your system, they have a cost of doing business too.

Many local Alarm Companies can offer a short, perhaps 12 month contract or even a Month to Month contract. Their costs do not change so they have to charge more upfront.

However! Alarm Companies in Florida that wrote contracts after July 1st. 2010 are required to advise the customer 30-60 days prior to automatic renewal and at that time you do have the choice to renew or not.

It's a good idea to ask if the agreement will automatically renew and for what period.

When you discuss this with a local Alarm Service Company, you are more likely to get a straight answer.


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