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How to stop house alarm from beeping?


Most home alarm systems have a Chime function. That may be a Beep, or the system may talk to you.
In either case, it can be annoying when a Beep occurs every time you let the dog out.
Traditional Alarm Systems normally have a 'Chime' button on the keypad and in many cases the process to toggle the Chime on and off is to enter your disarm code and press the chime button. The keypad may display 'Chime' when the chime feature is turned on.
On modern Alarm systems, especially those that use a Virtual Keypad, you would have to access the 'Settings' menu option and navigate to the Chime Feature to turn it on or off.
It may be a little annoying for the chime to sound, but can alert the home owner in the event that a door or window is opened, and that is from the inside or from the outside! ie. Someone trying to enter the home or someone trying to sneak out. Kids would never do that, would they?


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