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Is it worth having an Alarm Sign in my yard?


Most respectable companies want you to put their yard sign out front of your home, but is it really a deterrent?
Consider the Burglar's point of view: Your home has a Security System Yard sign but the house across the street does not! There's a good chance the Burglar will cross the road.
But we all know that anyone can get a fake yard sign online for a few dollars. If a Burglar recognizes that the yard sign is fake, they probably figure correctly that the home is unprotected. No need to cross the road.
Remember, Burglars often 'scope' out a neighborhood to find the best, easiest targets. So they'll see who has no yard signs. Reduce the risk!
Researchers have found that planned burglaries probably will avoid homes with yard signs. But they also find that the casual Burglar will still knock on the door to see if anyone is home before they sneak around the back of the house looking for unlocked windows or doors. If the windows have decals that match the yard sign, they probably will cross the road!