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Should I have a Monitored Smoke Detector


Let's clarify an important difference between a Monitored and Non Monitored Smoke Detector.

An Un-monitored Smoke Detector is a Personal Safety Device: In the event that it detects smoke, it emits a loud Siren to alert the occupants. But a Monitored Smoke Detector is a Property Safety device.

Home Insurance Companies want you to have a Monitored Smoke Detector because it can get the alert out even if nobody is home.

So it is better to have a Monitored Smoke Detector as part of your Alarm System. Not only will it alert the occupants but it will also alert the monitoring center even if nobody is home.

Each Monitored Smoke Detector reports to the Alarm System independently, unlike 110v daisy chained smoke detectors. Importantly, a Monitored Smoke detector can report it's location: Bedroom Hallway, Master Bedroom, etc. which significantly aids the Fire Department if they are dispatched.

Most home insurance companies offer a discount for having a Monitored Alarm System installed, and an additional discount when you also have a Monitored Smoke Alarm.

Having both a Monitored Alarm system and Monitored Smoke Alarm can and the insurance discount can go a long way to paying for your monitored alarm service.


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