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Can I get an Unmonitored Alarm Service?


Yes, but we really do not recommend it... but why?
Simple: We provide home and business owners with Alarm systems to protect their home or offices.
An Unmonitored Alarm Service cannot contact the emergency services, therefore the home would not be protected.
Also an Unmonitored Alarm Service could not contact the fire department in the event of a smoke alarm detecting a problem, therefore the home owner would not get the home owners insurance discount that most Insurance companies provide when there is a Monitored Alarm system with Monitored Smoke Detector installed. That can be over $400 a year discount! (More than the cost of Monitoring!)
And lastly, if nobody is home when an Unmonitored Alary System's Siren sounds, the home owner is subject to the Attractive Nuisance Law.
Call us and ask about how we can convert an Unmonitored Alarm System in order to get all of these benefits.


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