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What is the Best place to put the keypad for security system?


If you only have a single keypad, and many of the modern alarm systems only have one, then you want to put it where you can easily get to it whenever you leave or enter the home.

However, having a second keypad either by the Master Bedroom or at a second frequently used Entry/Exit is a good idea.

Now, having said that, we should consider modern alarm systems!
Many of the new alarm systems have internet options where you can arm and disarm the system via a Smart Phone, Tablet or remote PC. And modern Keyfobs are very reliable. This reduces the need for a 2nd keypad and also alters the requirement for the keypad to be located near an entry door.

Lastly, ideally, a keypad should be positioned so that an observer cannot view which keys are being used or the user should block the view.
When we discuss security systems with the home owner, we ask and suggest about the best location for a single keypad and for any additional keypads. We also discuss the keyfob option as well as home automation features that allow remote alarm system management as well as energy management.

If you would like more information about where to locate your alarm system keypad, please call us at 954-956-7070.