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Will I have a problem with my alarm system over VOIP?


We have had many reports of Alarm Systems failing to call in when the home owner uses a VOIP service for their home phone line.

Without going into the technicalities, not all home service provides (Cable TV, DSL, etc.) actually use VOIP but use a Managed Voice Facility instead. Alarm Systems generally do work over a Managed Voice Facility as long as the service provider installed the system correctly.

So if you have an alarm system on a Plain Old Telephone line (POTS Line) and wish to drop your home phone line and switch to a VOIP type of service, find out if the provider is using a Managed Voice Facility. However, be aware! Many installation technicians incorrectly call their companies service 'VOIP' when it is actually a Managed Voice Facility.
We are familiar with the service providers in South Florida, so if you want to drop your land line, then give us a call.


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