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Review Date:2015-05-07 11:43:12 - City/State:Coral Springs FL
Thank you!
We had a break in, they took everything worth stealing, even our Son's Red Flyer and an empty plastic bucket from the Garage. Police think they may have used the bucket to carry out our stuff.
Dale came out and reviewed our security needs, took his time, didn't rush us. He explained how the system works, what the process is if the alarm goes off, and how we should handle things.
We have lots of windows, and we thought it was going to cost a fortune to secure our home, but Dale showed us how to improve security using window locks and motion detectors.
After dale learned that we had insurance with AAA, he explained about the benefit of a monitored smoke detector.
So we went with the Lynx Alarm system, contacts on all the doors and a few of the windows, several motion detectors and smoke detectors in the Hallways outside the bedrooms.
Dale installed the system the next day. Again he took his time to show us how to use the system, how to arm and disarm the system, how to deal with a call from the monitoring center. He offered to put the system in test mode for 24 hours so we could get used to it, but we didn't want to wait any longer.
By the time Dale left, our system was live, tested and we were comfortable using it.
We slept a lot better that night.
Thank you!


Thanks Jonathon, glad to have helped. Coral Springs is a great place to live, but things happen. I'm glad that your family can sleep easier.
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